Munchkins For Sale. Were you searching for a Cat/Kitten(s) and now have found a perfect match? This is how we handle the shipping procedure. As soon as we confirm the purchase of your kittens plus shipping fees if required, we will get a pet transportation service to take care of the entire process. We select the best flight(s) possible taking the overall travel time and layovers into consideration. Additionally, the airlines provide a “Pet First” travel program including a climate control area for all cats/kittens that travel by air.


The service therefore picks the cat(s) up and deliver to the airline. The customer is supplied with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill number, and flight arrival time prior to departure. It is recommended that you arrive the airport earlier than the expected flight arrival time. so your cat/kitten is not waiting at the airport for any length of time. Customers will receive a confirmation call from us on the day of shipment. A return call or e-mail to Zenacats letting us know that the cat/kitten(s) arrived safely is greatly appreciated. Munchkins For Sale


The cat/Kittens are transported in special facilities with the same pressure and temperature as the passenger cabin. We ship year-round, limited by severe weather conditions, or requirements specific to the airline or the receiving airport, or when it might be unsafe to ship the Cat/kitten. Normally we prefer all homes to come and pick up their cats in person but for those that are not within driving distances, we offer person to person delivery via major airlines. Airfreight charges vary from one airline to another but generally are around $80 -$200 nationwide when free shipping isn’t available. The distance is not the only deciding factor. It is based on the dimensional weight of the shipping crate and declared value of the cat/kitten). Munchkins For Sale