Munchkin Cats For Sale USA

Munchkin Cats For Sale USA

Fun Facts ABout Munchkin Cats

1. A spontaneous genetic mutation resulted in the Munchkin cat.

The chromosomal gene is usually responsible for the short legs in Munchkin cats. Rather than being the result of human intervention, short legs are a spontaneous mutation. The standard Munchkin cat has both the “M” (short-legged) and “m” (long-legged) genes, which together form the “Mm” genetic combination. All the mother cat needs is a copy of the autosomal recessive gene to pass on to her kittens. Munchkin Cats For Sale USA Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat For Sale Scottish Fold Munchkin Cats For Sale Munchkin Kittens For Sale

2. Munchkin cats can have different leg lengths.

You may be surprised to learn that the belief that all Munchkin cats have short legs is actually false. There are three leg lengths that Munchkin cats can have: “standard”, “super short”, and “cute”.  “Rug Hugger” is the shortest possible leg length, while “Standard” is the longest. The long-legged Munchkin cat is not heterozygous (one cell contains two different alleles).

3. Munchkin cats are surprisingly fast.

Although Munchkin cats sometimes have difficulty jumping, they are perfectly capable of running and climbing just like other cats. As a curious breed, don’t be surprised if you find your Munchkin perched on the top of a cat tree watching all the comings and of everyday life. They are also very trainable and can learn tricks and games like fetch. Munchkin Cats For Sale USA

4. Munchkin cats are controversial.

When Munchkins first came to the public’s attention, many were appalled by their unusual appearance. One judge even called the Munchkin cat “an insult to any ethical breeder”. They are much more common these days, but the Munchkin breeding is still controversial for health reasons and many people seem divided over whether the Munchkin is a generally healthy breed. 
Scottish Fold Munchkin Cats For Sale

5. The first Munchkin in America was called “Blackberry”.

Munchkin Cats For Sale USA Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat For Sale. Blackberry was a pregnant feral cat with short legs. She was rescued by Sandra Hochenedel apparently hiding under a truck in 1983. Blackberry had kittens at the time, some of them short-legged. Hochenedel gave one of these kittens to a friend, a male kitten named Toulouse. Since then, more and more short-legged kittens have been born, and the Munchkin cat for sale eventually gained public attention in the US, although as mentioned above, it did not receive a warm welcome at first.

6. Munchkin cats are super affectionate.

The textbook “people cat”, Munchkins for sale are known for their affectionate nature. They love to spend a lot of time with their owners, so if you’re away a lot, a Munchkin may not be the best cat for you. Many people enjoy being cuddled and sitting on other people’s laps. This applies to all cats, regardless of breed, but it is important to teach children to be gentle with the sensitive Munchkin.

7. Munchkin cats are known for their funny sitting positions.

If you have the opportunity, observe Munchkin the cat to see how it sits and stands. They often stand and sit balanced on their hind legs, posing as a human standing or sitting, although some describe it as rabbit-like”. Munchkin Cats For Sale USA Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat For Sale Scottish Fold Munchkin Cats For Sale Munchkin Kittens For Sale

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